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Carol Foote photography

My thoughts on travel photography.

I know it's a cliché, but I truly believe that travel creates a greater understanding between peoples.  It’s wonderful to travel and visit those far-away places that you’ve only dreamed about.  However, whilst it’s exciting to see famous vistas and buildings - for me, it has always been the people who have crossed my path that has made a lasting impression.

Stereotypical ideology can be stripped away.  Underneath our different cultures, language and faith we are all very similar.  When you open yourself up to people – even with just a smile – others will open themselves up to you.    When I look at any one of my portraits, it brings back an instant recollection of where I was and the interaction that took place – more often than not, a rewarding one!  When shooting on the streets, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the fear of rejection.  But I’ve found that approaching people with a smile and much respect can win people over and, sometimes, even end up with a lasting friendship.  On occasion, I’ve been able to take prints back to people I’ve photographed and that has been especially lovely. 

What I like most about street photography is the unexpected.  You just never know whom you’re going to meet – and often it will be a person who will stay in your memory forever. 


  • Associate Diploma of Arts in Applied Photography, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

  • Bachelor of Arts (Chinese) and a Major in Asian Studies, Queensland University, Queensland, Australia


  • Australian Institute of Professional Photography - Gold, Silver & Bronze Award 1994 

  • Australian Institute of Professional Photography - Silver Award 1996

Camera Gear Used

Fujifilm X cameras and lenses

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